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Why We Changed Our Name

We have been operating as Sitneva.Com since 2003.  Sitneva is a short name but I think a little too uncommon to be remembered the first time without writing down.    Now if you knew it originated from viSITNEVAda maybe you would remember it, but I doubt it.  Our billing system was old and ugly, our website difficult to maintain and behind the times.  I thought long and hard and decided to change the name.
I like, a little longer but hopefully a little easier to remember.  You can also arrive at via, and  I thought our new logo would burn into your memory and make it impossible to forget our name.  Plus who else has the nerve to have birds’ feet as a logo.  And remember, Blue-Footed Boobies are among the most fascinating seabirds to be seen in the Galapagos, it's true because it says so here on the internet.
We now have a modern billing and payment system, easy to maintain and update.  Our front end website is simple and to the point, no flash and serves one purpose, to inform you of our hosting services.  We don't swamp you at check out with page after page of add-ons that you really don't want or need.  I hope we will be able to attract more clients with our new name and spiffy logo.  It's still managed by the same staff as before.

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